Consultations (assessment and follow-up) are offered in French and/or English.

I take an integrative approach, which takes into account cognitive, affective, social, behavioural and neurophysiological functioning,which enable me to respond in a targeted and optimum way to the needs of each patient.I strive to promote the development of individual patients in an efficient and respectful way, in collaboration with other professionals. Our treatment approach is complementary and open, to produce the best solution for our patients.

Psychological assessment

Neurocognitive and psycho-affective (children-adults)

It consists of an initial introductory meeting in which we also review the patient`s medical history.
This is followed by 2 to 3 sessions of tests and scales.
a session of oral and written feedback on the evaluation.

Follow up

Psychotherapy ……… 1-hour session ( childrenadults)

Biofeedback & Neurofeedback ……… 1-hour session (children-adults)

Sleep Consultation ……… 1-hour session (children-adults)

Giftedness Consultation ……… 1-hour session (children-adults)

Barkley’s Parent Training Program
For Parents of Children with ADHD:………..1.5-hour session in a group/ couple of parents